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I'm a friendly, intelligent Dutch guy. Not a rockstar but with a big and open mind. In my late 40's. I'm very open to female energy and psychology and interested to meet you. I'm in Prague/Pilsen early feb so let me know if we can meet. Love to hear from you, Ted

English is not the language that I would control, but Russian and its Cyrillic alphabet in dating sites can not be used. I am an ordinary man from Pilsen and I like to know a pleasant, sympathic woman, aged about 34-44 years, Eastern nationality (Ukrainian, Russian), seeking acquaintance, relationship that already lives, works in the Czech Republic preferably in Pilsen, its surroundings or intends, it is decided that Would like to live here, work, find a home, well-being, happiness...

Hey, I am a Czech guy who would like to combine dating and learning a foreign language. If you are a female fluent in English, German, Russian or Spanish, I believe that we could hit it off. My paramount interests are psychology, history, geopolitics, traveling, foreign languages and meeting new people. It might sound pretty utilitarian, but I really want to experience an international cultural exchange and thereby broaden my horizons. Looking forward to meeting you!

Hello, i m planning to move to pilsen for study and work in few months and i would like someone to learn basic czech with. I can teach you English or arabic and we can have fun:)


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