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..free, slim or half-slim.. liking nature, walking, listening to the music.. looking for slimm at the best.. and real and minded real.. .not fakes.. simply date not writing.. please, replies with actual photos of face and figure only.. and living in Prague or nearby..

Years ago, my heart have been broken harshly. I let my heart froze to evade the pain. Now Im here to see if there is a girl in whom I would find a reason to warm it up again. A calm, nice being, but little crazy too, Im curious to see what this strange world would bring to me.

I'm 32 years old czech native, intellectually oriented, non-smoker, abstinent. I enjoy traveling, reading (mostly news & politics), hiking and generally being in nature, working (IT), classical music and all the usual stuff. I'm looking for a woman about 25 - 40 years old with similar interests, who wants to see the world and is not afraid to move abroad. Ask for photos.


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