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Looking for serious man . Loving , caring , family oriented, honest.

Foreigner looking for older female friends with benefits for weekend in city or close to Brno. Constant meetings, not just once a month.

Looking for people to travel Europe with me.

Kazdeho pritahuje neco jineho. Me napriklad pritahuje gravitace.Looking for someone not for couple of months, years, but for someone I would grow old with. Going outside in the rain. Deep talks. And when I say deep, I mean going to Mordor type of deep. Watching some series while cuddling knowing, I'm with a person, who knows what true love means. A soulmate. Simple, isn't it?

Ahoj, Hledám věřící, hodnou ženu se smyslem pro rodinný život pro otce své dcerky, která zůstává v jeho péči. :) on 47 let, sportovní postavy, nekuřák, nepije, věřící. Těším se na odpověď.

Hi there. Just moved to Prague and searching for someone to hangout and explore this beautiful city. And who knows how it will develop between us. I'm tall guy (195) Speak English and Russian. Starting to learn Czech. I have both active and passive way of spending time. Sometimes i like to walk and explore, sometimes just lay in bed/couch and watch tv series or read a book. Age doesn't really matter but preferably up to 30. Also you have to love traveling cause i have big plans xD

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Hi everyone, just moved to Prague and searching for someone to hangout with and spend this rainy days together. I speak English and Russian fluently. Little bit of Mongolian. Starting to learn Czech language and to learn culture. I'm actually half Czech from father side. Ig asgard1k

Hello. I am pushing a fate in searching, but anyway, a man from Russia who want to find a girl. I am 22yo. It is not importantly know you English/Russian or not, but it will be better with knowledge of. I decribe myself with following five words: I am kind and strict, cheerful, independent, understanding. I will tell you more. Just chat me)

Hello I am a guy 25 years older. I am funny sweety and a good worker. I am a cooker and I want a girl from 18-35 years old for serious relationship.