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Busco relacion seria...mujer europa este...comenzar conociendose para viajar...disfrutar...tengo buena posicion...vivo en Madrid, puedo vivir praha 6 meses...soy culto universitario...arquitecto...alegre y optimista...Solo con foto y algo serio...

My name is Fabian, I am a soulful and open-minded human. I make understanding loved ones an important business. I love soccer, visiting ancient and historical places. I create for summer holiday to enable me time to interface with loved ones and meet people of different culture. Kindness and humour is a special language for me. I hope to meet someone who is eager to explore the beauty of life.   

Retired policeman 50+, athletic, winter swimmer, 1, 80m tall, 73 kilos, black hair, greenborwn eyes, house by the sea in Volos (Greece) the place (where Jason and the Argonauts set-off from!) is looking for a young, attracive lady (little over-weights acceptable) without any family or other obligations, a seriously and decent person, preferably a non-smoker in her 20s - 30s to live happily with him (like a Queen!) withou any financial worries in a loving relations/marriage.

My name is Lena I live in Ukraine. I speak Russian. I am here to find a good man! I am looking for a serious relationship!

Hi there , I'm normal Czech dude who like to meet someone like you ;) so ... let's goo for coffee ..

Hello! My name is Elena. I am 35 years old. I would be glad to communicate with a smart, kind, cheerful young man. I am a lawyer by profession. I love music, art, travel. I will be happy to answer a letter from a man who would like to communicate with me.

Hi I'm new here and I hope I find my soulmate here. I'm looking forward to meet my future wife


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Italian men in love with Czech Republic is looking for a good reason to come back to your country :)

I understand it is important to lay down lasting foundations for a lasting relationship.I am looking for a real meaningful and intimate relationship, Honest, kind and above all faithful.A woman that i will love and cherish for the rest of my life if possible Marriage

Looking for serious man . Loving , caring , family oriented, honest.


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ZAHRANIČÍ - ostatní
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