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hi, would like to meet someone nice, ideally between 26 and 39, non-smoker, that enjoys being active, going on hiking, to cinema, sauna, music and traveling. If interested in going a week to a surf summer camp even better :) I'm 36, speak english, portuguese and a bit of czech. Let's go for a walk and see where it goes. Prague and surroundings only.
Ich bin auf dieser Seite, um meinen Seelenverwandten und eine Frau zu finden, um zu lieben.
I am open to find my soulmate and want to share with her my life and make plans for our future together. To stay together and to be surprised each day new about the gift whats happend without any explanation needs or can be sayd. I am romantic, like travelling, dancing and sports. Feel well and at home in pure nature same as well in big cities like London. To trust how the energy flows and what happens and to feel what and how it happen is the miracle.
I'm an older, educated, American man without children, slim and fit (180cm / 80kg) living in Prague and looking for a younger Czech woman with a smaller physique who also has never had any children. We can exchange photos via email and then meet for coffee and perhaps a walk to get acquainted. I also speak Czech, so your English doesn't have to be perfect! :-)
Looking to meet a friendly and communicative woman for friendship.. beauty is welcome but essentially not necessary, age don't matter as its just a number.
I'm really a very happy person, enjoy everyday and I don't take a thing for granted. I have travelled the world. Very lucky in the 70's to do an overland trip through, Nepal, India, Aftganistan, Iran, Turkey, Ukslavia,etc. Landed in Barcelona, bought a van and spent time in Eastern Europe and Africa.Also was lucky to work on a Kibbutz in Israel. I plan to do more travelling soon. I do yoga. Love going to live theatre. If you would like to say hello, please
Hello! Is there any foreigner wanting to have just a chat or to become more familiar with Czech or Prague? Like for sports is a definite advantage! :) Me 25, student, non smokers only please ;)

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Hi, I am visiting Prague for the nights of Friday, Saturday and Sunday (13, 14, 15). I would like to take a lady on a wonderful dinner cruise, with music. I would like to get married and have a family one day, and if I met the right girl I am open to that. However, if you just want to have a nice dinner cruise for fun I would be very happy with that. I have 2 degrees, but that is not a requirement for my dates. I like girls who want to get the most out of life, a like to have fun.
new to the city,looking for a fun girl??jsem tu nový,hledam nejakou na zabavu u mě
Hello, I would like to meet a good friend for serious relationship

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